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      An international electronic refereed journal published twice yearly - ERA rank A

      ISSN: 1327-9556
      CURRENT ISSUE: Vol 23 No 1 April 2019

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      The 24th Annual AAWP Conference
      Writing Through...
      25 - 27 November 2019
      University of Technology Sydney, Australia

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      TEXT in the future

      TEXT Special Issue Number 54
      Writing and researching (in) the regions
      Edited by Nike Sulway, Lynda Hawryluk and Moya Costello

      Julia Prendergast
      Narrative and the unthought known: The immaterial intelligence of form

      Tony Williams and Alan Fentiman
      In conversation: Capturing reflection between poetry and filmmaking practice

      Rachel Watts
      ‘Every woman adores a fascist’: Feminist literary intervention in elegiac writing

      Owen Bullock
      A new suite: The process of knowing through poetry

      Susan Thomas
      Learning to write by writing to learn: How writing centres and creativity can transform academic writing instruction

      Kerry Davies
      The flâneur as a motif of timelessness in auto / biography

      Lili Pâquet
      The fan-networked capital of self-published web-serials: A comparison of Worm and Nunslinger

      Poetry and Prose

      Phillip Edmonds, Down the Mountain
      Timothy Loveday, Sunlight
      Susan Presto, The poethical wager
      Oliver Wakelin, Island
      Dean Kerrison, Boots and Beats: Musical Time-travel through Car Boots



      TEXT is published by the Australasian Association of Writing Progams
      email: text@
      General editor: Nigel Krauth
      Editors: Julienne van Loon & Ross Watkins
      Creative works editor: Anthony Lawrence
      Reviews editors: Pablo Muslera & Amelia Walker

      TEXT Special Issues editors: Dallas J Baker, Craig Batty & Liz Ellison
      Asian Region and European editor: Dan Disney
      Digital writing editor: Jason Nelson

      ERA rank A; FoR code 1904; FoR name Performing Arts and Creative Writing
      Copyright of all work published in TEXT remains with the authors.
      For republication, contact the author direct and acknowledge TEXT.